The Australorp Club of Australia, is one of Australia's fastest growing National Poultry Clubs. Members are encouraged and mentored by new and old members especially our next generation the Little Lorp's. The club also supports local clubs with breed feature show and by supporting Australian Royal Shows.

Little Lorp's is all about the participation and achievements of the Australorp Club of Australia's Junior members.  As a club, it is vital that we encourage and mentor our youngest members.  They are dedicated to their poultry, love preparing their birds for the shows and hang off every word the judges and senior members say.  They are extremely proud when they receive a prize card, ribbon, trophy or participation certificate. 

The official website is a great way to keep up to date with club activities, upcoming show dates and results.  

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National Titles 2019

Life Member

Peter Ubrihien with President David Morley and Damien Cooper.

The Australorp Club of Australia would like to thank its valued sponsors. 


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