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Up Coming Events

Royal Canberra National Show
Australorp Club of Australia

June 8th & 9th 2024

Budawang Pavilion - Exibition Park Canberra

Will be held in conjunction with the Royal Canberra National Show

Arrival & Penning

Friday 7th June 2024 between 8:00am and 6:30pm

Saturday 8th June 2024 between 6:20am and 7:50am


Sunday 9th June between 2:10pm and 4:20pm

Monday 10th June between 6:15am and 9:45am


Mr Robert Scott, N.S.W

Large and Bantam

Helmsman Auction

The Royal Canberra Poultry Show will host a Helmsman Auction that will be conducted on Sunday 9th June, commencing at 9:40am and biddings close at 10:40am.

A $6.00 per entry auction fee will be in place by the Royal Canberra society.

Australorp Club of Victoria

Victorian Titles 6th July, 2024


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